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Client Testimonial

I spent three days now and found honesty in treatment and good manners in dealing and discipline with a reasonable price and great choices for destinations and hotels.
I wish you more success and special thanks to the distinguished professor Kinan, and the word of thanks does not fulfill his right.
As well as brother Tariq and Choufeer Jyukhan

Dr. Saeed Kardam, Saudi Arabia

A truly professional company, a great way of dealing, follow-up and help even outside the scope of their specialization, knowing that, God willing, their work does not stop at rented cars with drivers, booking hotels, organizing trips and transfers to and from the airport, and of course professionalism in every specialty is rare at this time, but Trippati is my return. Confidence in perfection, thanks to Brother Tariq Yili facilitated our journey with his efforts and follow-up, and to the drivers at the Weilwa Stock Exchange and Istanbul Thank you to everyone. It was the most beautiful journey with your help

Madame Ibtisam, Jordan

Good morning, your news all. I wanted to talk about my experience with this wonderful company. I am from Saudi Arabia. I started my journey with the company on August 11, 2019, and it was very wonderful and beautiful in the sense of the word and passed as if it was a dream from a thousand and one nights. It was very safe and very comfortable. It is very cooperative and has a wide open mind. It responds to every question at any time and the drivers are very nice in dealing and very flexible. I mean, even if the plan of the truck changes, they will be with you. God grant success to all

Madame Ibtisam Al-Waili, Najran

I thank brother for organizing my party in Trabzon, frankness, everything was distinctive and organized in an orderly manner, and his choice of hotels is excellent, as well as choosing a special room in the hotel
Brother Ali was always in touch with me and asked me about any needs or shortcomings in the program, and frankly, it was never short of us. I wish him good luck, the fact of my experience Tripati site was successful and I recommend it

Mr. Muhammad Al-Muqbali, Sultanate of Oman