Perhaps you are coming to Turkey for tourism, or an Arab resident or Syrian brother wants to travel between Turkish cities and are looking for Domestic flight reservation Turkey.

I will put you in this article

  • Turkish airlines Interior
  • Domestic flight Turkey Trabzon, Antalya and Entebbe
  • The papers required for Arab and Syrian residents
  • Airlines from Istanbul to Beirut

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Domestic Turkish airlines

Several companies are available Domestic flight in Turkey, So I dedicated this section to you in which you will see companies Turkish domestic economy airline And it is economic.

I will remind you of every company in which airport in Istanbul takes off and landing.

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#1 Turkish Airlines

It is well known It is the national airline of Turkey, providing services to more than 295 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Domestic Turkish Airlines It is available in all Turkish destinations and cities, and it is considered the best Domestic Turkish Airlines, Airport take off and landing is Istanbul New Airport (Ataturk Airport).

#2 - Pegasus Airlines

she is from Turkish economy airlinesIt is headquartered in Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey, and it was previously owned by the charter airline in partnership with Irish Air Lingus, and now it is fully owned by Pegasus ESA Holding, and it only takes off and landing in Sabiha AirportIt provides its services to most Turkish cities, and is considered cheaper Internal Turkish flight reservation.

#3 Atlas Jet

she Turkish airline Its main center is in Istanbul, Turkey, and it is considered one of the cheap Turkish airlines that work in domestic and international passenger transport services, and it provides its services to most Turkish cities, and it is landing and starting from Istanbul New Airport (Ataturk Airport)And it is considered the cheapest Domestic flight prices in Turkey.

#4 AnadoluJet

she Turkish airline company Its head office is in Ankara, and it is wholly owned by Turkish Airlines and operates domestic flights within Turkey and northern Cyprus. The airline was established on April 23, 2008 as a new subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, and provides its services to most Turkish cities from Sabiha Airport Where landing and take off, it is one of the cheapest lines for Reservation of domestic airline tickets Turkey.

#5 Onur Air

She is one Airlines in Turkey Low cost, based in Istanbul, Turkey, it provides services only to Trabzon, Antalya and Bodrum, And is considered Istanbul New Airport The center is for the drop and take off for this company, and the price is considered Domestic flight reservation in Turkey From this company is acceptable.

#5 SunExpress

It operates only in Turkey and Germany, where it was established in 1989, and provides services to nine million passengers annually, and provides international and domestic flights, but internal to some Turkish cities such as Antalya to Trabzon, where it is considered Airline reservation within Turkey From them at a reasonable price.

After knowing Turkish Airlines An internal office has now come to know the prices of Turkish airline tickets, and I provide this service, so you do not have to contact me WhatsApp within the hour 10 am to 20:00 pm I will choose the best and cheapest for you Domestic flight deals Turkey.

Internal Turkish airline reservation for Trabzon

Ratio 90% When you visit Turkey, you will travel to Trabzon or maybe you plan to go directly to Trabzon without sitting in Istanbul.

And because of the high prices of direct flights from your country to Trabzon, you want to Domestic flights from Istanbul to Trabzon.

So I devoted this section to you and I will put it for you Best booking flight The cheapest price From Istanbul to Trabzon.

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Airlines to Trabzon

  • If you are looking for The best domestic airline in Turkey from Istanbul to Trabzon So the owner is not fonts Turkish Aviation.
  • As for if you are looking for aFlying licenses to Trabzon The Pegasus Turkish Airlines and Anatolian Jet They are best suited.
  • As for if you wish Flights from Trabzon to Istanbul Landing at Istanbul's new airport (Ataturk Airport) is only in front of you Turkish Aviation or Anatolian Airlines or Honor Air.
  • While if desired Sabiha airport flight reservation To Trabzon, there is nothing in front of you but Pegasus Airlines, And also Atlas Jet Airlines.
  • As for when you travel from Trabzon to Antalya You have to Pegasus Airlines reservation or Sunexpress flying.

Airlines Turkey Istanbul to Trabzon

  1. From New Istanbul Airport (Ataturk) The ticket price ranges from Istanbul to Trabzon in winter season Between 425 pounds to 550 pounds, or 63 dollars to 80 dollars, one way and one way (Prices for 2020).
  2. From New Istanbul Airport (Ataturk) Turkish airline tickets range in price summer season Between 550 to 680 pounds, or 80 dollars to 100 dollars, one way and one way (Prices for 2020).
  3. From Sabiha Airport Turkey ticket prices range Interior in winter season Between 500 to 650 pounds, or 74 dollars to 95 dollars, one way and return (Prices for 2020).
  4. From Sabiha Airport Domestic flight ticket prices range in Turkey In the summer, it ranges from 700 to 850 liras, or 102 dollars to 125 dollars, one way and one way (Prices for 2020).
  5. From Trabzon Airport to Antalya Prices range from domestic flight reservations in Turkey One way Between 350 to 450 pounds, or 51 dollars to 67 dollars (Prices for 2020).

Of course we are who Airline reservation offices in Istanbul We have offers for the best Domestic flight prices To Trabzon.

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Turkey Airlines reservation Istanbul Antalya

When you decide to travel to Antalya, the first question arises How much is a flight ticket from Istanbul to Antalya?

In this section, I will answer this question, in addition to company names Flying from Istanbul to Antalya.

Let's read together ...

Domestic airlines from Istanbul to Antalya

  • At Flights from Istanbul to Antalya You want the most luxurious company, you have nothing but Turkish Airlines.
  • If you are looking for cheaper Ticket prices from Istanbul to Antalya The Pegasus Airlines and Atlas Airlines.
  • As for if you want to reserve tA flight ticket from Istanbul to Antalya But the take-off and landing of Istanbul's new airport (Ataturk), Turkish Airlines and Turkey's Onur Airlines.
  • While if you like Flights from Istanbul to Antalya However, take-off and landing from Sabiha airport, as Atlasopegasus Airlines provides service.

Domestic flights from Istanbul to Antalya

  1. From New Istanbul Airport (Ataturk): The price of the flight ticket from Istanbul to Antalya in winter season Between 360 and 420 liras, that is, 52 dollars to 61 dollars one way (Prices for 2020).
  2. From New Istanbul Airport (Ataturk): Flight tickets range from Istanbul to Antalya at summer season Between 520 pounds to 600 pounds, or 76 dollars to 88 dollars, one way and return trip (Prices for 2020).
  3. From Sabiha Airport The ticket price ranges from Istanbul to Antalya in winter season Between 800 to 950 pounds, or 117 dollars to 140 dollars, one way and return trip (Prices for 2020).
  4. From Sabiha Airport The prices for booking a flight from Antalya to Istanbul in the summer range from 420 to 500 liras, or 62 dollars, to 73 dollars, one way (Prices for 2020).
  5. From Antalya airport to Trabzon Flight tickets range from Antalya to Trabzon One way Between 800 to 950 pounds, or 117 dollars to 140 dollars (Prices for 2020).

If you are looking for Airline offices in Istanbul We have the best flight fares to Antalya.

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Reservation and purchase of domestic airline tickets in Turkey, Istanbul, Gaziantep

You are Syrian and the 90% you travel to Gaziantep to see family or you have a job, so I have devoted this section to you and I will put the airlines for you in addition to Turkish airline prices From Istanbul to Gaziantep.

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The cheapest domestic flight from Istanbul to Gaziantep

  • Pegasus Airlines and Atlas Airlines are among the cheapest airlines to Gaziantep and take off and land from Sabiha Airport.
  • As for the new Istanbul airport, only Turkish Airlines is available. Ticket prices are considered average.

Air ticket prices from Gaziantep to Istanbul

  1. to me New Istanbul Airport (Ataturk): Turkish airline tickets prices range in winter season Between 420 and 550 pounds, a round-trip, either in summer season Prices ranged from 520 to 600 pounds, one way (Prices for 2020).
  2. From Sabiha Airport The flights range from Istanbul to Gaziantep winter season Between 400 to 525 pounds, a round-trip, either in summer season It ranges from 550 to 650 liras (Prices for 2020).

I also have flights from Istanbul to Hatay and flights from Istanbul to Ankara.

Procedures required for residents and Syrians to travel

After the Corona scourge that swept the world in general and in Turkey in particular, the Ministry of Health issued some decisions for travel between cities for residents and Turks.

I will put these decisions for you follow with me.

Procedures imposed for residents and Syrians with residency and work permits

  • Before booking a flight ticket, the HES COD must be extracted.
  • Going to the airport 4 hours before the plane takes off.
  • Wearing the muzzle in its correct shape, in addition to sterilizing hands and maintaining safety distances.

Procedures imposed for the Syrians who own property

  • The same previous procedures, but a travel permit must be obtained.

HRS COD extraction method

  1. Log in to E DEVLET website And then write in the search HES Kodu Üretme ve Listeleme After entering this page.
    It is at the top of the page on the right Yeni HES KODU And after pressing it.
    Your name and the complete number will appear for you, and at the bottom two options appear. The first option Do you want the code for your person either for you and for a child with you under 18 years old, and then Click Devam Et
    After selection, a page appears Açıklama You write the name HES in it, for example your name + the word HES, and choose the code duration, is it an open term or a specific date and after it Click Devam Et And then you get the code.
  2. Through Application Hayat ev sigar After downloading and opening the application, you will see an interface that includes 5 options.
    You must press (Hes kodu işlemleri), Then Pressure On the green (+) sign at the bottom.
    A window will appear asking (to what date we need this code), and at the bottom there are two options, the first (unspecified / open period), and the second (specify a date).
    And then you enter The name of the company you will be traveling on Then we press the (ileri) Or the next one shows the code to us.
  3. By sending a message to the number 2023, we write the information in the following way (The validity period of the code is the space of the year of birth), For example (20 1980 **** 99 HES), And then the sending is done.
    And then it is done Send the code and the code period to your mobile phone.

Flights from Istanbul to Beirut

Estimated Travel time from Beirut to Istanbul One hour 55 minutes, andFor many questions Airline prices from Lebanon to Turkey what is Cheapest flight to Turkey ?? And about dates Flights from Istanbul to Beirut.

I have dedicated this section to facilitate you.

Follow up for prices and details

Airlines from Istanbul to Lebanon

  • Only 3 companies serve this terml, which are Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines, in addition to the Middle East Airlines office.

Air ticket price from Istanbul to Lebanon

  1. Regarding Pegasus Airlines, the price of air tickets from Beirut to Istanbul, in one-way dollar, ranges from 222 dollars to 400 dollars, and this company is considered the cheapest airline ticket prices to Lebanon.
  2. As for Middle East Airlines, Istanbul, Beirut, the price of air tickets to Turkey, one way, ranges from 280 dollars to 480 dollars (Prices for 2020).
  3. Turkish aviation from the home and ticket prices, and one-way tickets range from $ 300 to $ 500 (Prices for 2020).

All Istanbul Airlines reservation offices have a service Flight reservation to Turkey on Three companies that I mentioned above.

Conclusion and conclusion:

After knowing the Turkish domestic airlines and from which airport each company takes off, as well Flight prices to Turkey in addition The cheapest airline tickets to Turkey.

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  2. Have you traveled after Corona and what are the procedures?
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  4. Have you tried Middle East Airlines and what do you think of it?

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