Through our experience in tourism and travel experiences to Turkey, I will present to you on this page two programs for tourism in Turkey.

the first (Tourism program for Turkey 15 days)Istanbul and Trabzon excursion)

And the second Just North Turkish Arab travelers

I will show you the most important places and how much it costs to travel to Turkey for a family for two people, all with details of accommodation, trips and services

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- The first program -

Tourist program to Turkey for 15 days

Tourism program in Istanbul, Bursa, Uzungol and Trabzon

Accommodation details: A Turkish family tourism program for 15 days

  • 3 nights Istanbul The Marmara Taksim Hotel is 5 stars
  • 2 nights Market Crowne Plaza Hotel Bursa is 5 stars
  • 3 nights Uzungol Hayat Rose Uzungol
  • 3 nights Trabzon Yildiz Life Trabzon 4 stars
  • 3 nights Istanbul The Crowne Plaza Florya Hotel is 5 stars
فندق ذا مرمرة تقسيم من الخارج

The Marmara Taksim
Istanbul 5 Star

One The most famous 5-star hotel in Taksim A room for two people with breakfast and tax, It has a very good rating of 8.1 on, Crew deal the work And speaking English, Its proximity to services, supermarkets and Istiklal Street.

See the hotel on booking
فندق كراون بلازا بورصة من الخارج

Crowne Plaza Bursa
Istanbul 5 Star

From The best hotels in Bursa Double room including breakfast and tax, Holds a rating Excellent 9 On the booking site, Near Marka ComplexCarrefour complex And the parkora restaurant complex.

See the hotel on booking
فندق حياة روز اوزنجول من الخارج

Hayat Rose Hotel

From New Uzungol hotels Double room with nature view, with breakfast and tax, Room space starts 25 meters , Holds Wonderful rating On the booking.

See the hotel on booking
فندق يلدز لايف طرابزون من الخارج

Yildiz Life Hotel
Trabzon 4 Star

Double room with sea view, including breakfast and tax, Available at the hotel Garden and restaurant with sea view Hookah offers, It is located near Trabzon airport Next to the hotel there is a supermarket.

See the hotel on booking
فندق كراون بلازا فلوريا من الخارج

Crowne Plaza Florya
Istanbul 5 Star

room Double sea view Including breakfast and tax, Holds Rating very well On booking, Located near Aquarium and Florya Mall In addition to the Florya Coast Walk.

See the hotel on booking

Tourism program in Turkey for 15 days

First day: Reception from the airport and transfer to the hotel in Istanbul After reaching The Marmara Taksim Hotel, you can wander around Istiklal Street, near the hotel, on foot.

the second day: Going to the cable car and Berluti overlooking the Golden Horn strait - then visiting the Islamic Topkapi Palace - making a tour of the Bosphorus - touring Taksim, the tower and the Galata Bridge

the third day: A trip to the princesses islands Delivery to the port to board the ferry, free time on the island, wandering, and a stagecoach ride - then return to the famous Ortakoy area with potatoes and waffles - Ulus Park overlooks the Bosphorus Strait - Istinapark Mall

the fourth day: Travel from Istanbul to Bursa + City Bursa trip: Check out the hotel and head to Market And after arrival log in Crowne Plaza Hotel, And then take a tour to Zoo - Old Bursa Markets - Uhud Famous Bursa restaurants.

The fifth day: Tour of Bursa and the Al-Uldag Mountain, The trip will start with a visit to Said Abat waterfall. Ascending hill frick To the Al-Uldag Mountain - Activities Al-Uldag Mountain Snowy - perennial tree - sun Malls in Bursa.

the sixth day: Traveling from Bursa to Uzungöl, Check out hotel Market And go to Sabiha Airport To launch into Trabzon, Upon arrival, reception and transfer from Trabzon airport To the hotel at Uzungol And receipt of rooms.

the seventh day: A trip around Uzungol, Sultan Murad Heights -Uzungol Falls - Overlooking Uzungol Lake.

The eighth day: Ayder Heights excursion, Eder Village and Activities - Eder Waterfall - Ottoman bridges Zell Castle - Waterfall Zell.

The ninth day: Transfer from Uzungol to Trabzon + Trabzon city tour, And after logging in at the Trabzon Hotel, you start visiting the markets of Trabzon Square - overlooking Bozitepe - the coast of Trabzon - Sunday Malls in Trabzon .

The tenth day: Hidernby trip: It is 40 km from Trabzon - Visiting the heights and the view - Chal Cave - Serra Gul Lake.

The eleventh day: Hajj Kali Baba Tour, Haji Kali Baba Village - Free time to enjoy nature - Kaya Bashi heights - Akcaabat. Or a trip to Akizdara Akizdera Village and Waterfall Ridus Resort (private mineral baths) - the Uvet Mountains.

Day 12: Traveling from Trabzon to Istanbul, Log out of Trabzon hotel And go to Trabzon airport To return to Istanbul, Upon arrival Istanbul New Airport Reception and transfer from the airport to Crowne Plaza Florya Hotel.

The thirteenth day: A trip to the Asian section - Baghdad Street - Hill of Arayes overlooks the European and Asian sections - The finest coasts of Istanbul, the coast of Uskudar - The Girl Tower - Emaar Mall

Day fourteen: Old city tour, Hagia Sophia Museum - Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Golhana Park - Egyptian Market - Eminonu (Riding place Bosphorus trip ) .

Day 15: Coming home Check-out from the hotel. Depending on the plane’s time, we can head to the Venice Sultan Ghazi Mall, then go to the airport.

What does it include Turkey program For 15 days?

  • Hotel reservations include breakfast and tax

  • Domestic flight from Istanbul to Trabzon, and back

  • Reception and transportation to and from airports

  • Fuel for trips and overnight for the driver

  • Ferry fares to the stock exchange, one way

  • The duration of the trips is 10 hours

  • International Aviation

  • Entrance fees for tourist places and activities

The cost of travel to Turkey for 15 days for two people

0 Dollars
Price varies by date

Discount on early booking we take from the accommodations - write to us whatsapp


- The second program -

Tourist program in the Turkish north, 15 days

Tourist program Trabzon - Urdu - Samsun - Giresun - Uzungol - Eder

Accommodation details A 15 day trip to Turkey

  • 2 nights Trabzon Hotel Asilia Trabzon 4 stars
  • 1 night Urdu Anemon Ordu Hotel 4 stars
  • 4 nights Samsun Park Inn Bay Hotel 4 stars
  • 1 night Gerson Zeven Gerson Hotel
  • 3 nights Uzungol Anan Kardeshlar Hotel
  • 1 night Eder Ayder Doga Resort is a 3-star hotel
  • 2 nights Trabzon Youll Is Holiday Hotel 4 stars

Notice: If you do not like to travel and want to visit the famous places only between Trabzon, Uzungol and Ayder You can request a program by contacting us or watching our other programs.

فندق اسيليا طرابزون , برنامج سياحي تركيا

Aselia Trabzon Hotel
Trabzon 4 Star

From The best hotels in Trabzon Double room with breakfast and tax, Available at the hotel Sauna, Turkish bath, wellness center and spa, The hotel is located in Yomra vital area A supermarket is available next to the hotel. A pharmacy and a bank teller in addition to Many restaurants and cafes.

See the hotel on booking
فندق انيمون اوردو , برنامج سياحي شبابي لتركيا

Anemon Hotels
Ordu 4 Star

Double room Sea view With breakfast and tax, The hotel features Located by the sea directly, Inside the hotel mOutdoor swimming, Holds a rating on Booking site Very good 8.2, And away from Tell Frick Ordu Two minutes by car

See the hotel on booking
فندق بارك ان باي راديسون سامسون , برنامج دليل السياحة في تركيا

Park Inn by Radisson
Samsun 4 Star

Double room With breakfast and tax, Characterized The hotel is the size of its room , Its new furniture and its upscale dealings

See the hotel on booking
فندق زيفين جيرسون , برامج سياحية تركيا

Zifin Hotel

Double room with nature view, breakfast and tax. The location of the hotel is where it is located rural area And the weather is cold in summer, An experience between the embrace of nature is worth a visit.

See the hotel on booking
فندق انان كارديشلار اوزنجول من الخارج

Inan Kardesler Hotel

Standard room with breakfast and tax, Holds Very good rating On the booking site, Available next to the hotel Super Market And many restaurants, It is characterized by handling employees In addition to its proximity to the lake.

See the hotel on booking
منتجع آيدر دوغا من الخارج

Ayder Doga Resort

One The most famous Ayder hotels Standard room nature view with breakfast and tax, Holds Very good rating On the booking site, Presence Employees They speak Arabic, The hotel is beautiful and between nature and opposite For Waterfall Bride, But climb to The hotel is cumbersome Because of the mountain and is not suitable for the elderly

See the hotel on booking
فندق يول از هوليدي طرابزون

Yol Is Holiday
Trabzon 4 Star

Standard room with breakfast and tax, Holds Very good rating On the booking site, Its prime location in Downtown Trabzon And its proximity to Trabzon Square, Presence Employees They speak Arabic.

See the hotel on booking

Tourist schedule for Turkey 15 days

First day: Reception from Trabzon airport Transfer to the hotel The driver greets you with a sheet of paper with your name written on it and then log in delivery Aselia Hotel Trabzon, The rest of the time can be spent at Cevahir Mall which is very close to the hotel.

the second day: A trip to Hidernby from Trabzon Start off by visiting Hidernby and sit down Look Wonderful nature, then Cave of Chal Which is considered one of the longest caves in the world - and finally Serra Lake Trabzon.

the third day: Transfer from Trabzon to Ordu + Ordu city flight Checkout from hotel Trabzon And head to the city Urdu After receiving the hotel rooms are going On an Urdu trip, Where you will visit Tell Frick Ordu - Overlooking Boztepe Ordu Chocolate Factory - Ordu Coast

the fourth day: Transportation from the city of Urdu to the Turkish city of Samsun, You are logged out of Ordu Hotel And go to the city of Samsun by passing In the city of Onia Where there is a wonderful coast, In addition to Numerous restaurants Looking great, then continue to Samsun And check into the hotel.

The fifth day: Lake Borabay excursion The journey starts at ten in the morning Lake Borabay It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the city of Samsun, It features a lake By nature Surrounded by a plus Great sessions and great restaurant With a panoramic view, you will spend a whole day in nature.

the sixth day: Lake Colay and Altun Dam excursion Lake Colay is one of the most famous Lakes in a city Samsun And it has inside of it Tuna Dam. And is available Gangway The length of the lake is also in addition to Natural villages Near the lake that can be visited.

the seventh day: Journey of Minister Kopro And it includes many areas thereof Lake Shaheen Kaya And Zir Soyo ParkDeer park And the Kurt Bridge.

The eighth day: Samsun city trip + transportation from Samsun to Giresun A visit to the Samsun City Museum - Zoo And then go to Giresun, And log in Zeven Gerson Hotel Where nature and clouds embrace the hotel.

The ninth day: Transfer from Giresun to Uzungöl Check out hotel Gerson And go to Uzungol On the way, a visit is made Gerson Island, And then continue to Uzungol village And upon arrival log in Anan Kardeshlar Hotel, After that, a rest is taken after getting tired of the road.

The tenth day: Journey of Sultan Murad and Uzungol heights, The trip begins with a visit to the waterfalls and sessions on the river Arrival to Uzungöl - Sultan Murad Heights - Free time to enjoy nature - Uzungol Falls Uzungol activities

The eleventh day: Uzungol heights tour, A tour to the heights Demir Cappy - Lake fish - Heights Shukrans - back to spend the rest of the day in between nature And Uzungol activities.

Day 12: Transfer from Uzungöl to Ayder + Ayder Heights excursion, Hand over the hotel and then go to Ayder village, 166 km away, On the way we stop at Aider's activities river rowing and rope jumping, Then we go to Water Sulfuric, Finally we sit in Elul Restaurant Overlooking the waterfall, then go to Do دa Ayder Resort.

The thirteenth day: Transportation from Ayder to Trabzon + Trabzon city trip, Getting out of Ayder Hotel And go to Trabzon after receiving the rooms Trabzon Hotel, Be visiting Trabzon Square - Trabzon markets - Overlooking Boztepe - Sera Gole Lake - Forum Trabzon Mall

Day fourteen: A trip to the village of Matchka, Includes a visit to a monastery Sumela - heights Zigana - village My whisper Coy - lake For me

Day 15: Pick up from the hotel in Trabzon to the airport to return home.

What does the Turkish North 15 days program include?

  • Hotel reservations with tax and breakfast

  • Modern air-conditioned car with private driver

  • Fuel, car, driver and driver's bed

  • The duration of the daily excursions is 10 hours

  • International Aviation

  • Tickets to enter tourist places or games, if any.

How much does it cost to travel to Turkey for two people for two weeks?

0 Dollars
(Price is approximate and varies between summer and winter)

To inquire about the latest tourist offers - Whatsapp



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