Welcome grooms :) Now you will know what is the best place to spend a honeymoon in Turkey?

I will give you 2 honeymoon offers for Turkey, the first will be for 11 days and the second will be for 16 days.

It will include the best hotels for brides with all transfers and trips by private car.

Now either to find out Honeymoon in Turkey how much does it cost Follow with me.

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Honeymoon travel premiere

Turkey's honeymoon program 10 nights 11 days

  • 2 nights Istanbul Millennium Hotel on the Golden Horn.
  • 2 nights Uzungol Ilhan Grand Hotel Uzungol on the lake.
  • 3 nights in Trabzon, new Perlis hotel by the sea.
  • 3 nights Istanbul Novotel Hotel overlooking the Bosphorus.
فندق ميلينيوم جولدن هورن

1. The Millennium Golden Horn Hotel

(Millennium Istanbul Golden Horn Hotel)

Double room with sea view (Golden Horn). The hotel includes a spa and wellness club, a little small swimming pool, in-room services, electric kettle, tea, water, Nescafe.

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فندق إلهان غراند اوزنجول , رحلات سياحية الى تركيا عيد الاضحى

2. Han Grand Hotel Uzungol

(Ilhan Grand Hotel Uzungol)

One of the most beautiful and best Uzungol hotelsLake view room with balcony with breakfast. It has a very good rating of 8 on the booking website, having Arabic speaking staff.

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peerless Resort Hotel

3. Pierlis Trabzon Hotel

(peerless Resort Hotel)

An excellent hotel for honeymoon in Trabzon, a room with direct sea view including breakfast, it is characterized by tranquility and a charming view of the sea, as it is located near the city center.

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فندق نوفوتيل إسطنبول البوسفور

4. Novotel Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel

(Novotel Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel)

The hotel is located in a lively area with cafes and cafes and near all services, and we will stay in a room with sea view including breakfast.

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Schedule of the honeymoon of Istanbul and the Turkish north

First day: Reception from Istanbul airport, transfer to the hotel, and check-in. A flight or a short tour can be arranged depending on the time of the plane.

the second day: Sapanca excursion It starts with a visit to Masouqiyeh and the waterfalls, then the forests of Naturkoy and Supli Resort, free time around the lake.

The third day: Travel to Trabzon

Transfer from the hotel to Sabiha airport, to travel to Trabzon, receive from Trabzon airport and transfer to Uzungöl, which is 100 km away, and then make a tour of Uzungöl and its surroundings from views and waterfalls.

the fourth day: The Ayder Heights journey is 166 km, and on the way we stop at the activities of Eder, canoeing in the river, and the ropes hanging over the river, then we go to experience the useful hot sulfur water, and finally we sit in the Eul restaurant overlooking the waterfall, and return to Uzungol.

The fifth day: Transportation from Uzungöl to Trabzon + visiting Sultan Murad heights, making a barbecue session there, and then completing the road to Trabzon and visiting Boztepe overlooking, and on the second day we visit the most important Tourist places in Trabzon.

the sixth day: Hidernbei heights excursion from Trabzon, Chal Cave, Descoy Heights, Serra Gul lake.

the seventh day: A trip from Trabzon to DirSumilla with a visit to the Zigana heights, a visit to Hamsikoy Mutl, a taste of pudding there, and then back to the Forum Mall.

Eighth day: Return from Trabzon to Istanbul

To travel to Istanbul, receive at Istanbul airport and go to the hotel, passing by a trip overlooking the brides hill, the upscale coast of Uskudar, the Maiden Tower, then entering the hotel.

The ninth day: A trip to Emirgan Park, Ululis Park, then the famous Ortakoy area with potatoes and waffles, and then Surprise Private yacht tour in the Bosphorus With dinner and roses + a wedding greeting can be written on the Bosphorus Bridge With additional fees.

The tenth day: A tour to the Chocolate Museum, the romantic Flora coast and park, and then the Venice Outlet Mall.

The eleventh day: Transfer from the hotel in Istanbul to the airport and accompany you by safety.

0 Dollars
The cost of a honeymoon in Turkey for 11 days

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What does it include?

  • Hotel reservations with tax and breakfast.

  • All hotels have a wonderful sea view.

  • Domestic flight, round-trip Istanbul Trabzon.

  • Evening on a private yacht with dinner on the Bosphorus.

  • A car with a private driver Modern air-conditioned.

  • Tours and excursions include fuel.

  • The duration of the daily excursions is 10 hours.

  • A mobile SIM card + internet upon arrival at the airport.

  • International Aviation + can be added at approximately $ 850 for two people, one way.

  • Entrance fees for tourist places or games, if any.

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- Turkey's second honeymoon offer -

Honeymoon package to Turkey 15 nights 16 days

  • 3 nights Istanbul Hilton Golden Horn.
  • 3 nights Uzungol 4 star Kilpa Hotel.
  • 3 nights Trabzon Gebhanlik Hotel for bridal.
  • 3 nights, Antalya, Ramada Plaza Hotel.
  • 3 nights Istanbul Osman Deluxe Hotel.
فندق هيلتون جولدن هورن

1. Hilton Golden Horn Hotel

(Hilton Garden Inn Golden Horn )

A room overlooking the Golden Horn with a balcony, the hotel is distinguished by its proximity to services and the presence of a wonderful garden on the sea steps away, a beautiful quiet option for the newlyweds, you can see more Hotels overlooking the sea in Istanbul from here.

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فندق هيلتون جولدن هورن

2. Kilpa Uzungol Hotel

(Kilpa Uzungol Hotel )

Attic room with balcony overlooking the nature, breakfast included, a hotel far from the crowds of Uzungol Lake and from the few hotels with 4 stars, a good choice for the newlyweds.

See the hotel on booking
حوض استحمام جاكوزي مع سرير دائري لشهر العسل

3. Cebhanlik Hotel Trabzon

(Cephanelik Butik Trabzon)

From Best Trabzon hotels For grooms, Honeymoon suite with breakfast, a hotel that takes great care of honeymoon matters and is designed for that. It has round beds, a jacuzzi with a garden, and also a very excellent café and restaurant.

See the hotel on booking
جلسات على بحر انطاليا من فندق رمادا بلازا

4. Ramada Plaza Antalya

(Ramada Plaza Antalya)

A room with direct sea view including (breakfast and dinner), a resort that includes beautiful activities and views for the grooms, and its price is suitable for Antalya.

See the hotel on booking
فندق اوتومان لايف ديلوكس اسطنبول

5. Osman Life Deluxe Istanbul Hotel

(Ottoman's Life Hotel Deluxe)

A luxurious and royal hotel, a room with an open-view balcony, breakfast included, the hotel is distinguished by its proximity to the Historia Mall and from the most famous restaurants and Sultanahmet district.

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Honeymoon schedule Turkey trips

First day: Reception from the airport and transfer to the hotel in the Golden Horn region, and you can eat in one of Istanbul's restaurants upon checking in to the hotel.

the second day: Go to the cable car and Berluti overlooks the strait of the Golden Horn and then go to Esfanbul Theme Park (Previously Vialand) Had lunch and toured Taksim, the tower and the Galata Bridge.

the third day: Going on a trip outside Istanbul to Maasukiyeh and Sapanca, reaching Maasukiye, waterfalls, and riding tanks, and then visiting the Sobli Resort and Naturkoy and riding a swing, then free time to spend romantic time Sapanca Lake And return.

Fourth day: Go to Trabzon

Trabzon is away by plane for an hour and a half, you will be transferred to the airport to travel, and in Trabzon your driver will be waiting for transfer to Uzungol Lake, and we will arrive there within an hour and a half as well.

The fifth day: A trip to the village of Ayder and the waterfall, stopping on the way at the rowing activity and jumping over the river, then entering the private sulfur water baths, free time around the waterfall and nature there, and finally back to the Uzungol Hotel.

the sixth day: Free day for bridal without trips and without driver for recreation in Uzungol.

the seventh day: Check out the Uzungol Hotel, go to the heights of Sultan Murad, and after eating the tastiest meat there, we continue our way to Trabzon, stroll on the coast, overlooks in Boztepe, and check into the hotel and rest.

The eighth day: A trip from Trabzon to the most beautiful and elevated view of Trabzon, which is the village of Haydarenby, where we will touch the clouds, sit down for meditation, and then visit the Chal Cave, and finally to the Sera Lake.

The ninth day: A trip to Macka and Dresumilla, and after spending time there, we go to see the houses of Zigana, visit Hamsikoy overlook and eat pudding there, then return to Trabzon.

Day 10: Travel from Trabzon to Antalya

Antalya is considered one of the most beautiful Places for grooms in Turkey, Also, on the date, the driver will be waiting to leave Trabzon, and in Antalya your new driver will be waiting for the transfer to your new hotel, free time in the hotel and dinner there.

The eleventh day: Lara beach trip, visiting the inverted house, Cornicello waterfall, and you can play karting, watch the sand land, and finally visit the mouth of Dudan Waterfall.

Day 12: Olympus program tour, we will ride one of the longest cable cars in Turkey, the Olympus cable car, and visit the ancient city of Phaselis, as well as eat at the waterfall and river restaurants in the Olopinar area.

Thirteenth day: Return to Istanbul from Antalya

The end of our trip in Antalya and back to Istanbul, the flight takes about an hour and a quarter, and after arriving at the hotel, go at night with a private yacht tour in the Bosphorus Strait with dinner and decorations, and also the name of the grooms can be written on the Bosphorus bridge With additional fees.

Day fourteen: A trip to the Asian section - Baghdad Street - overlooking Tel Al Arayes is one of the most beautiful Romantic places in Istanbul - Istanbul's finest coast, sküdar coast - Mint Tower - Emaar Mall, we can exchange it for Bursa trip One day from Istanbul with groups.

Day 15: On this day you can go on a trip to the most important Turkey islands to me princesses islandOr to the Chocolate Museum, or even spend a day shopping in the Sultanahmet area and the popular markets.

Day sixteen: Your honeymoon schedule and airport drop-off has ended.

0 Dollars
The price of a honeymoon in Turkey for 16 days.

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What does the honeymoon offer include?

  • Hotel reservations with tax and breakfast.

  • Dinner at the Antalya hotel.

  • Istanbul first hotel + Antalya and Uzungol overlooking.

  • 3 airline tickets per person between Istanbul, Trabzon and Antalya.

  • A private evening and a private bosphorus yacht, with dinner and celebration.

  • All trips with a modern air-conditioned car with a private driver.

  • Tours and excursions include fuel.

  • The duration of the daily excursions is 10 hours.

  • A mobile SIM card + internet upon arrival at the airport.

  • International Aviation + can be added at approximately $ 850 for two people, one way.

  • Entrance fees for tourist places or games, if any.

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The end of the honeymoon offers in Turkey

I hope I have answered you a question How to spend your honeymoon in Turkey with this article. Now, it is your turn to tell me which of the Turkey honeymoon trips will you choose?

Has any of your friends and relatives ever been? Experience a honeymoon in Turkey?

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